Help public protectors keep us safe from hidden chemicals

We all expect the everyday products in our homes – like clothes, cosmetics and children’s toys – to be free from toxic chemicals. That’s why the UK has strong rules to keep us and our loved ones safe from dangerous substances in the things we buy.

But there’s no point in having strong rules if they can't be enforced. 

Our new research has found that councils across the UK are struggling to enforce the rules that protect us from counterfeit goods containing harmful chemicals.

Only half of the councils in the UK have tested goods for the presence of banned chemicals in the last three years. And when councils did find breaches of chemical safety rules, 76% took no legal action.

This is because the public protectors who work hard to keep us safe just don’t have the tools for the job. Years of funding cuts and falling staff numbers are making their jobs more difficult, and it’s putting people at risk.

At Unchecked UK we’re working to make sure that the UK’s governments invest in the public bodies that look out for us, so they can protect us and our loved ones.

Will you join the campaign and help us protect the public bodies who protect us?